Village Support - COVID19

Volunteer Support Rota

We would like to put a volunteer support Rota in place for help with food shopping, pharmacy collections etc.   We are proposing that assistance with these items will take place, as volunteers are available, throughout the week.   (If you require assistance with dog walking due to illness or isolation, this can also be arranged.)


Chris Staniforth has very kindly offered to organise this Rota, with assistance from Anna Doyle if it becomes necessary.   Chris would therefore need your name, email address and a telephone number.  Please also specify what days you would be available to help.  (This does not have to be a regular weekly day/commitment, but any odd day or hours you can spare throughout the month, would be great.)


Please email with your details and availability (all details will be kept confidential and comply with data protection.)


Other help:

If you fall into the governments vulnerable categories: over 70/ pregnant / underlying medical conditions and are possibly enforced to isolate (or if at anytime you need to self-isolate) and you would like the volunteers to look out for you and check that you have everything you need, then please email/phone Chris to let him/volunteers know.


PLAN:   If you require assistance please contact at any time and then (unless it is very urgent) will be allocated to a volunteer for dealing with as soon as possible. 


Payment for items:   please try and have cash available to pay for items delivered by your volunteer.  Alternatively, if possible, phone and pay your food/pharmacy supplier over the phone so the volunteer is purely ‘collecting’ on your behalf.


* Please be mindful that everyone is potentially at risk from this virus, so minimal contact with volunteers should be undertaken at all times.  


Advice from Dr Harriet Doyle, Clearbrook:   

Please check out the 111 website for lots of useful health information about COVID 19.  

Where possible – please avoid the use of IBUPROFEN and use Paracetamol instead. (However, check first with your GP if Ibuprofen is included as part of your usual/advised medication.)

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